Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

Shine like the Sun.

Reflect like the Moon.

Spark like a Fire.

Fall like the Leaves.

Flow like a River.

Change like the Seasons.

Grow like a Garden.


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Let me introduce myself. My name is Belinda and I have spent well over a decade asking this simple question: why do I find it so bloody hard to look after myself?

While it seems logical, rational and good common sense to look after yourself and keep yourself 'well' it can be quite a shock when you realise that you're actually doing quite a poor job of it. You're stressed, tired, anxious, overwhelmed, over-worked and perhaps even sick. Self-care seems so simple that you can take it for granted. You may think you are looking after yourself and you may think you know what is good for you, but your body, your stress levels and the state of your relationships and work-life are telling you otherwise. PLUS - you're intelligent, you're motivated and you KNOW all of the things you need to do - sleep well, eat well, exercise, meditate, set boundaries, follow your bliss and so on. BUT you can't seem to do them or you can't seem to do them consistently. 

Let's face it, if you do not know how to operate, maintain and repair your own energy system, you're pretty screwed. There is a lot of awesome self-help information out there and you may have had amazing results applying some of it, but do you somehow feel conflicted about it? Or do you feel dependent on it? When you do your yoga, meditation or juicing, do you feel completely free, joyful and powerful? Or is there part of you that is doing it because you 'should'? When the shit hits the fan are you completely confident and trusting in knowing what you need to deal - and can you actually do it?  

These are my questions…if you’re curious about this stuff too, then please join me in exploring the ups, downs, sabotages and successes on the journey to Sustainable Self-Care.


Sustainable Self-Care.

applying the principles of Mind-Body WELLNESS is the key to optimum self-care…

While doing the ‘right’ things to look after myself is obviously important, I have found over the years that I have needed to focus less on learning MORE THINGS (there’s always more to learn!) and more about creating an integrated and harmonious SELF that can, without SABOTAGE, easily discern what I need without overwhelm, confusion, conflict or control.

I needed to heal my mind-body relationship and return to the simplicity of listening to and honouring my Body and letting it guide me to wellness.

My intention is to help you evolve your inner mind-body connection and relationship so that self-care becomes something that you do naturally, easily and because you love yourself enough to do it. This is what I call Sustainable Self-Care.


Choose Your Own Adventure.

Your life is an evolutionary process of unfolding, you must find your way…

Like me, you may have forgotten how to let things naturally unfold. Even if you have left the ‘rat race’ you can still find yourself striving, efforting and planning to ‘accomplish’ all the time, even your spiritual growth! All of this efforting is based on the premise that you would not be content, successful or accomplished if you stopped ‘pushing’ and ‘doing’.

Sustainable Self-Care is about shifting from the ‘make it happen’ programming to the ‘let it happen’ paradigm. There are many ways to find peace, joy, love, power and freedom. Which one is right? How the hell would I know? I would never presume nor pretend to know what your journey is all about AND more to the point, the WAY to your peace, joy, love, power and freedom is completely UNIQUE to you.

My intention is to share tools, techniques and (difficult) questions that can help you to find your ‘way’ and make the ‘choices’ that your life adventure asks of you.


Well For Myself.

SUSTAINABLE self-care is for those who want support without being told what to do.

Sustainable Self-Care is for people like you - who I call ‘Journeyers’. You are not really interested in being told what to do, who to be, what to think, what to eat, what you ‘should’ do and most of all - what you need. You have probably also rejected support because receiving it somehow felt dis-empowering.

Instead you want to:

  • Feel connected to yourself, your needs and your inner wisdom.

  • Trust yourself, your body and your intuition to guide you.

  • Be empowered and self-sufficient while feeling supported.

  • Know how to find your centre, resolve conflict and maintain inner harmony.

  • Follow the path that feels right and inspired for you.

  • Own your style, rhythm, life purpose and talents.

But most of all, Journeyers like me want to share their journey with like-minded souls who encourage, support and entertain each other!

Nurture Your Nature.

sustainable self-care is for those who want their wellness to lead them to their truth.

Sustainable Self-Care is a ‘big picture’ approach to well-being. After many years of doing every thing I could do to ‘get better’ I had to stop and ask myself what it was all for. Just exactly, why did I want to be well?

Then I realised. My wellness journey wasn’t about fighting toxins or bacteria, nor was it about being a victim to my genes. It was about evolving and living in accordance with my true nature. My wellness happened naturally as I began living my Truth and following my Joy.

The truth is, you are here to be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. Why do we over-care, over-try and over-achieve? Being who you truly are - your nature - actually takes no effort at all!

Your nature is the spontaneous expression of your unique essence. Your true self. Without the programming, without the baggage, without the wounds and outdated stories. Sustainable Self-Care involves letting go of all that is not your true nature and nurturing that which is. When you allow your nature to ‘run the show’ you are in the flow of your destiny.

Meet Rupert…the most enlightened being I know. He has his own cult #Rupertology.

A sound mind ensures a sound body; a sound body ensures a sound mind.
— Sri Sathya Sai Baba