The body has it’s own way of knowing that has little to do with logic, and much to do with truth, little to do with control and much to do with acceptance, little to do with division and analysis and much to do with union.
— Marilyn Sewell
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My approach is a culmination of many years of theoretical training, constant self-learning and personal experience. Every concept, technique or theory that I use in sessions I have applied to myself. I believe that while we are enough and perfect as we are now, we are also an amazing work-in-progress – we continue to evolve by healing the wounds of our lineage and allowing the unfolding of our full potential.

My transition out of the corporate world included letting go of the ‘milestone’ approach – seeking and valuing only outcomes at the expense of staying present, enjoying the process and journey. I also learned to let go of the ‘bootcamp’ approach – pushing through barriers with pressure, hard work and stress, instead of stopping to release the limiting belief or past experience at the root of the barrier. The Well Mind, Well Body approach is therefore more about releasing the dependencies and conditions we have so that we are free and open to inspiration – I find that this approach often leads to the best possible outcome, perhaps even one you may not have imagined or thought possible. 

I am innately curious and tend to get bored easily. I like to get to the root of things. I also talk a lot. I like to laugh. This means each session will involve having a chat, using a variety of techniques that we feel inspired to use and it will involve me asking difficult questions. While most clients complain about my difficult questions, we always balance this out by having a laugh.

Work will continue when you leave a session. When I say work – it won’t be hard! It will be fun, motivating and empowering. Healing doesn’t just happen in the hour or two you put aside for it, it is constant and you’re responsible for it. My aim is to assist you to develop and refine your own mind-body connection so that you are empowered to sustain long-term changes and maintain your health and well-being.