Cellular Memory Integration uses Kinesiology to access cellular memories that may be holding us back from healing and living a fuller expression of our potential in this lifetime. 

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Cellular Memory Integration was developed by Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury who has been doing Regression Therapy for over 30 years. Over the course of practicing, Patti realised that many concepts of Quantum Physicsbegan to inform her work, namely that our concept of reality and linear time could be challenged and that everything is 'holographic', that is, that memories of other lives and our genetics are held within our cells.  Patti developed the technique of Cellular Memory Integration, which uses Kinesiology to access cellular memories and to facilitate healing, integration and fuller expression of our potential.

Cellular Memory Integration can help us to become aware of and clear the unconscious beliefs, patterns and trauma preventing us from realising our full potential and living happy, loving, successful lives now. Trauma in childhood can lock in dysfunctional survival and belief systems which distort our perception of the world and our place in it. This is also true of unresolved memories and resonances of trauma from previous lives and our genetic inheritance. This can manifest as physical problems, phobias, prejudices and irrational reactivity to certain people, groups, situations or institutions.

The technique is not about living in the past - its aim is to go back to the root cause of a problem and deal with issues and memories that are holding us back on all levels, to heal and release them so we can have more of our consciousness in present time and move on easily. When we cut our ties with the past we become more empowered in the present. Cellular Memory Integration can also be used to integrate and reactivate positive talents and abilities that might be latent in the present. It is also useful for healing or resolving relationship issues with certain people through the exploration of past relationships and 'soul connections' or 'contracts'.

What to Expect:

A goal for the session will be set according to the issue which the client wishes to look at. Kinesiology testing is performed to establish the life (time and place) to be explored. A light regression and visualisation is performed (it is not hypnotherapy) and the client is supported using Kinesiology techniques to access their cellular memories from that lifetime. The healing, insights and learnings are integrated and assimilated using Kinesiology techniques.  Clients are encouraged to journal their experience and continue 'processing' new insights after the session.