You can also experience benefits without attending a session in person. Kinesiology and Reiki work with the principles of Quantum Physics where all of our energy systems are accessible through a unified 'field'. This means that Kinesiology testing and balancing or Reiki energy healing can be performed remotely. You can balance on a particular issue, undertake a unique program of self-development where your own subconscious guides your learning and growth or use remote testing to simply 'check in' to see whether your body, business idea, or latest project is on track.



Skype Sessions:

60 minute phone or Skype sessions involve counselling and Mind Detox as well as Kinesiology testing to identify and clear problems.

Remote Sessions:

Once details of the problem, issue or topic have been provided a remote balance is completed at a mutually convenient time. Comprehensive notes are provided with a chance to debrief via phone or email.


Align-My-Vibe Guides:

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Personalised muscle-testing reports to identify blocks and assist in maintaining an optimum vibe. Go to website.