In face to face sessions you can work individually, with your partner or family members or also on behalf of a family member (your baby or child for example). You can come for a 'tune up' once in a while or work intensively on a health problem or issue. However you can also experience benefits without attending a session in person. 


Single Sessions:

75 minute sessions are a great way to resolve an issue or give yourself a 'tune up'. The amount and frequency of sessions can be determined by muscle testing - the body has the best idea of what you will need!

Couples/Family Sessions:

Couples and families can learn how to use an 'energy-based' approach to resolving conflicts and maintaining harmonious and loving relationships. Double sessions are recommended.

Business Sessions:

Your company can also derive huge benefits from using an 'energy-based' approach to running your business. Did you know that you can muscle-test for the hidden 'blocks' to your success and to get effective guidance on all your business decisions. Business sessions can also be done via a distance session and a 'report' can be prepared for you.


Multiple sessions are a great way to gain momentum or resolve a long-standing issue. Quite often making a commitment to the resolution and directing effort towards it is required to ensure success. Read more about types of packages here.   

The Kickstarter Package is a great way to get started on a particular issue or goal. 

  • Initial Session (90 minutes)
  • 2 Follow Up sessions (60-75 minutes)
  • Flower Essence
  • $390 (save 10%)

The Intensive Package is great for working through a complex or chronic issue or for ensuring that you stay 'on track' and committed to a goal.

It includes:

  • Initial Session (90 minutes)
  • 4 Follow Up Sessions (60-75 minutes)
  • Flower Essence, Crystal Kit & Journal
  • $630 (save 15%)