Welcome to a Healing Retreat that you can Take Time for in your Busy Life!


Flow Time is a unique two-hour retreat that enables you to take time out to nurture your nature.

It combines the benefits of Kinesiology, Qi Gong, Meditation and Reiki to restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Guided by the key principles of curiosity, connection and clarity its overall aim is to help you reach a state of harmony and flow in the mind and body, which you can take with you into your day-to-day life.

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Using the magical powers of Kinesiology, the theme of the workshop is tailored according to the needs of the group and each individual. You will receive a healing intention specific to you and hints to promote awareness. What might be your block or sabotage? What do you need to focus on? Includes a personalised affirmation, crystal and flower message.

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The powerful practice of Qi Gong will help you to find flow, rhythm and harmony in the mind and body. This enjoyable form of moving meditation uses gentle and flowing movements to transform dense or stagnant energy, enabling you to find lightness, balance and inner-stillness.

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A beautiful guided meditation, aided by Reiki and Aromatherapy will provide the time and space for you to rest, reflect and integrate. It is in this space that you can enjoy the experience of your true nature. You will be free to journal as inspired or surrender to deep rest.

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Why Do We Need Flow Time?

It seems to me that maintaining our health, balance and wellbeing is turning into quite a ‘chore’ these days. We have to overcome that familiar challenge of ‘taking time out’ for ourselves (without guilt!) and then we are confronted with so many competing needs we don’t know where to start. A number of my clients arrive at their sessions exhausted – they need to relax and recharge, they need a safe space to ‘let stuff out’ and they are also keen to do some ‘inner work’ to resolve the root cause of their stress and increase their self-awareness. What to do? They need it all!

For years I have tried to deliver all of this in a single session (you’ll know this if you’ve ever had to sit in my waiting room!) and suffice to say it is rather difficult. In pondering how to help resolve this dilemma of conflicting personal needs for myself and my clients, I had an inspiration to create a space that enables and promotes surrender, nurturing and healing, a conversation that triggers and generates clarity, insight and self-awareness and a practice that clears and balances the mind, body and spirit.

I believe that taking time out to ‘nurture your nature’ is a necessity not a luxury. After a decade of working in the health and wellness industry and even longer ‘dealing’ with my own health challenges, I am confident that the future of healthcare is self-care. A paradigm shift is occurring - we are releasing our reliance on the ‘experts’ for the answers when it comes to our own bodies. We know that we need to take self-responsibility for our own health and well being. This means we must become better at knowing how to keep ourselves well. This knowledge can only arise from taking time to listen to our bodies and our inner wisdom, to allow ourselves to ‘catch up’ in processing our busy lives and to experience deep rest so that we can enable our amazing bodies to heal and rejuvenate.

What is Flow?

Flow is the opposite of stress.

Stress is forgetting who we are by nature and not allowing ourselves to ‘be’. It is an imbalance that results from an energy system (our mind and body) that is stuck in mental rigidity or overwhelmed in emotional chaos. I believe that we have forgotten how to let things and let ourselves naturally unfold. Instead, we’re striving, efforting and planning to ‘accomplish’ all the time – even our spiritual growth! All of this efforting is based on the premise that we would not be content, successful or accomplished if we stopped ‘pushing’ and ‘doing’.

The truth is, you are here to be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. Why do we try so hard all the time when it is impossible to be anything other than who we really are? Being who you are takes no effort at all!

Your nature is the spontaneous expression of your unique essence. Your true self. Without the programming, without the baggage, without the wounds and outdated stories. Flow involves the letting go of all that is not your true nature and nurturing that which is. When you allow your nature to ‘run the show’ you are in the flow of your destiny.

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Would you like to HOST a FLOW TIME for you and your friends?

Flow Time is a wonderful experience which you can enjoy when you want and with whoever you want!

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