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Your relationships with others are a reflection of the relationship between your Mind and Body – to be well with others, you need to be well within yourself.

Mind-Body wellness focuses on the way in which our thoughts, emotions and habitual behaviours are interrelated and impact our health and wellbeing. These seminars and workshops will show you how to develop greater Mind-Body wellness so you can learn to be a well, peaceful and harmonious me while you’re in a we!

You will learn:

  • The role our energy and emotions play in maintaining harmonious and loving relationships – with children, partners, family members and friends.
  • How the health of your own Mind-Body connection is reflected in the quality of your relationships with others.
  • The common causes of relationship conflict, chaos and miscommunication.
  • How individuals within the family/relationship can take responsibility for releasing causes of conflict.
  • How to apply techniques to re-establish harmony and resolve conflicts, power struggles and behavioural issues.
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