“An energy block had finally been cleared.”

"I started seeing Belinda about 5 years ago initially for Kinesiology with some great results for reflux and allergy issues. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Prolactinoma (benign tumour on the Pituitary gland) and started having regular Reiki. I found it very helpful in calming my whole body down and in particular my head. During one particular session I experienced a full energy flow through my body. My period returned 2 days later which I hadn't had for 8 months as a symptom of my condition. It was like an energy block had finally been cleared. I also attribute Reiki to the shrinking of the tumour combined with the medicine I was taking. I continue to have regular Reiki sessions for both mind and body wellness and I highly recommend Belinda not only for her expertise but also her kind nature and genuine empathy."

— Donna

“A sense of freedom in my life.”

"It's been fantastic working with Belinda on an ongoing basis, dealing with habits, issues, and releasing emotions. It has changed the way l think and feel about myself and has given me more of an understanding where my habits have come from and the stresses behind it all. I have loved working with you Belinda....it has given me a sense of freedom in my life and the ability to make free choices in my life again!" 

— Laura

“I felt a shift and instant lightness.”

"I've been seeing Belinda for three years now and in this time I've come to have a deep understanding of myself that I never had before.  I've found working with Belinda and Kinesiology has helped me with all areas of my life and I've made huge progress during this time. One of the sessions I had with Belinda I was talking about my career and how I feel stuck, she gave me an exercise to do and when I finished it I felt a shift and an instant lightness.  The next day I sold three photographs and in the following week several opportunities arose!  Working through it with Belinda definitely removed the block and shifted my mindset." 

— Ilona

“Rejig my priorities so that I don't always come last”

"Belinda has helped my family and I with so many issues over the years. Whether it's getting better perspective on family dynamics, giving me the patience to manage three young kids, or rejig my priorities so that I don't always come last, I always leave Belinda with a more balanced, healthy mind frame than I go in with. The list of things she's helped with goes on and on: for the kids there have been sleep issues, self esteem, speech problems, adjustments to new schools, siblings and houses; for me there have been work issues, goal setting, and family adjustments galore. She's awesome. And fun."

— Megan

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To lead the life of a warrior fighting for his freedom is to lead a life of success – success in the sense of walking a path with a heart, on which one’s destiny unfolds in the most marvellous and joyful of ways.

— Theun Mares

“I feel calm and open to what is coming next.”

"I consider myself an 'open minded sceptic' when it comes to therapies but I've been seeing Belinda for 4 years now and the changes in my mind set, habits and attitude are measurable.  My self worth, motivation and the way I live and love have turned around and I feel calm and open to what is coming next. I used to feel constantly overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated. Since I've been seeing Belinda I feel calm, like I'm able to listen to my body, listen, identify and trust my instinct and make the right decisions for me.  I always feel pumped and on the right track after a visit to Belinda."


“I have grown enormously as a person.”

"I first went to see Belinda over 2 years ago with a goal of running a marathon, I had been carrying various leg injuries on and off for about 3 years. I didn’t quite reach that goal, but that was ok - with her techniques and guidance I somehow achieved a goal that was not even part of my stratosphere before I met her… An Ironman - 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, 42km run. I think this in itself is testimony enough of the amazing techniques and gifts Belinda is capable of.

She used a combination of muscle testing and Reiki, as well as her own coaching and counselling techniques, to work out where my blockages were, how I was holding myself back and what my body wanted more or less of. As an athlete the muscle testing in particular was just amazing. We would test training sessions - what did my body want to do; nutrition & hydration - what type & how much did my body want, and even when i.e. before, during and after; and we worked to resolve various injuries and pain I had experienced during training and lead up races; then on race day what did my body want 4 days out, 3 days out etc, did it want physio or massage, the specifics we got to really were incredible, and knowing we were asking my body what IT wanted to do, and how IT wanted to be nourished, gave me such confidence and the most unforgettable race day experience, as a friend of mine said ‘it was just perfectly executed’.

Without forcing it Belinda helped me do a complete flip on my mind/body - my mind used to be in charge and it was almost commanding my body, I had to complete races to be ‘strong’, yet now I know 'I am strong' regardless, and I believe listening to my body is one of the most important things I could ever do, I make my races about the journey of getting there, not the pressure of performing on the day.

In the time I've been seeing Belinda, I have grown enormously as a person. She has helped me extend my boundaries beyond belief, and my life is so much richer because of it. I know she sees her role as a ‘messenger’ helping deliver messages from my body with her various techniques, but what she does is so much more than that. I’ve been on the most incredible journey and with her guidance I cant wait to see what else we can achieve together!"