Mind Detox works because it takes into account that your mind, body and lifestyle all influence each other. Your mind has the power to influence the size, shape, look, feel and overall health of your body and life. When you think and feel positive, your body
responds by creating positive physical conditions. However, the opposite also happens when you think and feel negatively. It is for this reason that taking account of your mental and emotional wellness is vital when making changes to any physical conditions.

- Mind Detox Method Masterclass

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The Mind Detox Method (MDM), created by Sandy Newbigging, is a form of counselling focused on the mind-body connection. It takes into account that our beliefs and thoughts have the power to influence our overall state of physical, emotional and mental wellness.

The Mind Body Connection and the Power of Belief

Your unconscious mind is linked with your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which regulates your heartbeat, blood pressure, digestion, metabolism and most bodily functions. Whatever your mind perceives, believes and experiences has the potential to affect the rest of your body.

Your beliefs are the conclusions you've come to about yourself (and your body), other people and the world you live in, which guide you in every-day life. It is these beliefs which determine what messages are sent between your brain and your body - they have the power to influence every aspect of your physical functioning, from your digestion to your blood pressure. if you're carrying toxic thoughts about who you are, what you can or can't be, or can't have, you are limiting your health and your enjoyment of life and your success.

What to Expect:

MDM is a talk therapy in which the therapist asks a series of specific questions designed to help the client discover the hidden 'root cause reasons' for their problem. Once the hidden reason for a problem is identified and freed from the unconscious mind, it can be brought to the client's awareness and transformed into a new empowering belief, bringing with it a sense of release and empowerment to resolve the problem. The session may involve a guided meditation or tapping on meridian points (Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT).