Over the years I have found that exactly the same goals, learnings and insights can test up for each client – sometimes up to five times a day! It seems as though we are all working though very similar challenges and I feel that there is SO much to be gained from sharing our ‘journey’ with others.


What is a Group Session?

A group session will feel exactly like your one-on-one session – except it is more powerful. There will be an issue/theme and a goal and we will work through the ‘blocks’ in relation to the goal using muscle-testing. You will still have access to muscle-testing for your ‘unique’ subconscious blocks (just like a one-on-one session) but the effects will be multiplied because you will also work through the blocks you share with others (“I’ll have what she’s having!” 😊)

How we work through the blocks will vary, but it will involve Kinesiology techniques and other forms of ‘energy’ healing as well as psychoanalytic techniques. We will also make time for some meditation. 😉


What Topics will we Cover?

Some inspirations about what we will cover:
Life Purpose – why am I here? What am I here to be/do?
Living Authentically – finding out who I truly am and letting go of who I am not
Practicing Self-love – dealing with guilt on a practical level
Harmonious Relationships – how to get off the drama triangle and stop playing habitual roles
Dealing with Self-sabotage – how to move through distraction and self-defeating habits like procrastination and perfectionism that stop you from creating what you want
Mind-Body Dynamics – how to clear programming that has you in a loop of habitual behaviour and stops you moving forward


What Techniques will we Use?

Some inspirations about what we will do:
Guided meditations for energy clearing
Guided Cellular Memory Integration (past life regression) for life purpose awareness
Basics of Astrology and how to understand the importance of your chart
Using Astrology and Numerology principles to understand your purpose and managing your energy levels
Work closely with particular crystals, flowers or herbs
Use energy balancing techniques from Tapping, Acupressure, Qi Gong and Jin Shin Jyutsu 
Learn how to self-test accurately and developing your own testing kit

Benefits of Working in a Group

Group sessions are amazingly powerful in their ability to do two things at the same time. While they ‘clear’ energy blockages and provide powerful personal insights (just like a Kinesiology balance) they also enable you to develop your own analytical skills and increase your intuitive abilities so that you get better at doing your own self-development work. In other words – you become much better equipped to become your own therapist!

Group Sessions have the benefit of helping you to:

  • Find Your Peeps!! It’s common to feel isolated and disconnected, especially when you’re struggling with stuff. You can also think you’re the ‘only one’ and that there is ‘something wrong with you’. This isn’t true. Groups enable you to learn that others feel the same way – what a relief - “it’s not just me!”
  • Develop Your Skills. Become a better listener and compassionate problem solver so that you can apply these skills to yourself in your own self-development work. I feel that we all need to reconnect with our ability to ‘listen’ effectively to ourselves and others.
  • Learn New Techniques. Group sessions provide more scope for education – actually learning a tool or technique that you can practice.
  • Feel Loved and Supported. There is something special about having others help you to reject your limiting self-beliefs and see you for the amazing person you are. While we are often trying to rid ourselves of the need for external validation, it can be useful to have your new beliefs validated by understanding and supportive people.
  • Enjoy Yourself. There is nothing more healing than having a laugh and somehow that is easier to do with a group of like-minded people who just 'get it'. Plus, it's simply fun to share! 


Once you have selected your group and booked your session, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a link to make a payment. You can opt to pay for all sessions up front, in two installments or per session. Payment must be made prior to the first session. Group Sessions are $93.70 per session.