There are Many Different Ways to Achieve Mind-Body Wellness!

You can work you can work individually, with your partner or family members or in a group of like-minded and supportive people. You can do sessions face-to-face, over Skype or from a distance! There's a way to achieve Mind-Body Wellness that works for you. 



In face to face sessions you can work individually, with your partner or family members or also on behalf of a family member (your baby or child for example). You can come for a 'tune up' once in a while or work intensively on a health problem or issue.


Group sessions are a great way to ‘clear’ energy blockages and provide powerful personal insights (just like a Kinesiology balance) while ALSO enabling you to develop your own analytical skills and increase your intuitive abilities so that you get better at doing your own self-development work. When you are helping others to clear their blocks and reach their insights, you develop your own skills and become much better equipped to become your own therapist! Groups are intimate, supportive and FUN!


You can also experience benefits without attending a session in person. Kinesiology and Reiki work with the principles of Quantum Physics where all of our energy systems are accessible through a unified 'field'. This means that Kinesiology testing and balancing or Reiki energy healing can be performed remotely. You can balance on a particular issue, undertake a unique program of self-development where your own subconscious guides your learning and growth or use remote testing to simply 'check in' to see whether your body, business idea, or latest project is on track