There are Many Different Ways to Achieve Mind-Body Wellness!

Using a range of therapies, you can choose to work individually, with your partner or family members or in a group of like-minded and supportive people. You can do sessions face-to-face, over Skype or from a distance! There's a way to achieve Mind-Body Wellness that works for you. 


Single Sessions:

75 minute sessions are a great way to resolve an issue or give yourself a 'tune up'. The amount and frequency of sessions can be determined by muscle testing - the body has the best idea of what you will need!

Couples/Family Sessions:

Couples and families can learn how to use an 'energy-based' approach to resolving conflicts and maintaining harmonious and loving relationships. Double sessions are recommended.

Business Sessions:

Your company can also derive huge benefits from using an 'energy-based' approach to running your business. Did you know that you can muscle-test for the hidden 'blocks' to your success and to get effective guidance on all your business decisions. Business sessions can also be done via a distance session and a 'report' can be prepared for you.


60 minute phone or Skype sessions involve counselling and Mind Detox as well as Kinesiology testing to identify and clear problems.


Once details of the problem, issue or topic have been provided a remote balance is completed at a mutually convenient time. Comprehensive notes are provided with a chance to debrief via phone or email.