Aromatic Mist: Intuition

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Aromatic Mist: Intuition


Pure essential oils can be used to influence, change or modify the mind, body, spirit, physiology or mood. Mists can be used for room fresheners, body sprays, perfumes and space clearing or rituals. 


Red Grevillea Australian Bush Flower Essence

Negative Condition: feeling stuck, oversensitive, affected by criticism and unpleasant people, too reliant on others

Positive Outcome: boldness, strength to leave unpleasant situations, indifference to the judgment of others

Freshwater Mangrove Australian Bush Flower Essence

Negative Condition: heart closed due to expectations or prejudices which have been taught, not personally experienced

Positive Outcome: openness to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts, healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs

Fringed Violet Australian Bush Flower Essence

Negative Condition: damage to aura, distress, lack of psychic protection

Positive Outcome: removal of effects of recent or old distressing events, heals damage to aura, psychic protection

Third Eye Chakra – Insight Blend (Perfect Potion)

Strengthens the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra represents our self-knowledge and understanding of our world. Opens the mind to intuitive thought. Allows for lateral and creative thinking. Helps facilitate concentration and clear thinking. Includes: Bergamot oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Myrtle oil, Clary Sage oil.

Water Blend (Perfect Potion)
Tonifies the 'water' constitution. According to Chinese philosophy, 'water' represents a time for tranquillity and rest, beneficial for the relief of stress and anxiety, relief of insomnia, reduces irritability. Includes: Lavender oil, Petitgrain oil, Lime oil, Atlas Cedarwood oil, Roman Chamomile oil, Clary Sage oil

Ylang Ylang Oil - Peace

Calm Recovery Blend (Malka) – Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage

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