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That's the question I have been asking myself for over a decade.

While it seems logical, rational and good common sense to look after yourself and keep yourself 'well' it can be quite a shock when you realise that you're actually doing quite a poor job of it. You're stressed, tired, anxious, overwhelmed, over-worked and perhaps even sick. Self-care seems so simple that you can take it for granted. You may think you are looking after yourself and you may think you know what is good for you, but your body, your stress levels and the state of your relationships and work-life are telling you otherwise. PLUS - you're intelligent, you're motivated and you KNOW all of the things you need to do - sleep well, eat well, exercise, meditate, set boundaries, follow your bliss and so on. BUT you can't seem to do them or you can't seem to do them consistently. 

Do you really know how to care for yourself and keep yourself well? 

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Let's face it, if you do not know how to operate, maintain and repair your own energy system, you're pretty screwed.

There is a lot of awesome self-help information out there and you may have had amazing results applying some of it, but do you somehow feel conflicted about it? Or do you feel dependent on it? When you do your yoga, meditation or juicing, do you feel completely free, joyful and powerful? Or is there part of you that is doing it because you 'should'? 

For me, understanding and applying the principles of the Mind-Body Connection, Cooperation and Harmony is the key to optimum self-care.

It's less about simply learning 'WHAT' you need to do to look after yourself and more about creating an integrated and harmonious SELF that can easily discern what it needs and more importantly, provide it without confusion, conflict or control. It's evolving your relationship with yourself so that self-care becomes something that you do naturally, easily and because you love yourself enough to do it.