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To ensure you have an awesome Mind-Body team you need to stop letting your Mind decide what you need to be well without consulting the Body. The Mind wants to research the latest diets, read about the latest health tips and listen to 'expert' advice so that it can decide what you need to be happy and healthy. But the truth is, the Mind can never know what your Body needs to be happy and healthy, it can only know what it has learned from others. The Mind is not fully aware of the nutritional, biochemical and structural state of your unique Body nor is it particularly mindful of the effects of past experiences or traumas on your Body. Your Body is the expert. It knows what it needs and wants - at all times, and it is also far less influenced by the 'rules' or expectations of others than the Mind is.

When you are not feeling balanced or well, when you are stressed, anxious and suffering from chronic or recurring symptoms, it is a sign that your Mind is not listening to and responding to your Body's needs appropriately. It may be ignoring or repressing these needs, or it may be making the wrong choices or taking the wrong actions to meet them. A lack of wellness is simply indicating that the Body’s needs are unmet. Ironically, when you’re unwell, your Mind’s response might be to do more research, take on more advice or try more remedial actions. This is a hard habit to break! You want to be well and you want to do what it takes to get there. But breaking this habit is perhaps the best thing you will ever do. Mind-Body Wellness is about returning to the simplicity of listening to and honouring your Body and letting it guide you to wellness. This is done through knowing how to create and maintain connection, co-operation and harmony between the Mind and Body.

When your Mind and Body are connected and in harmony, you have ownership of your wellbeing at all times.

An optimised Mind-Body team brings you freedom and empowerment!

Wellness is not necessarily about staying healthy and avoiding stress or illness, it is about feeling empowered to use your amazing innate ability to self-regulate, self-heal and administer self-care. Rather than trying to ‘achieve’ a state of ‘static wellbeing’ it is about knowing and trusting that you have the power to adapt to and harmonise with your environment, your circumstances and the people around you.

When you own your wellness you can maintain a state of clarity, coherence, and sense of ‘self’ in any situation.

Mind-Body Wellness also brings you the ability to:

  • Connect with your true self (Essence) and make conscious choices to live in accordance with your purpose or destiny.

  • Resolve stress patterns at the root cause level and evolve rather than ‘manage symptoms.’

  • Become more compassionate and self-loving, with less confusion, indecision, self-sabotage and inner-conflict.

  • Increase meaning, motivation, balance and creativity at work.

  • Improve communication, co-operation and respect in relationships.

  • Feel more connected to yourself and others.

  • Live in your own rhythm and flow.