Making Success a Safe Place

Success is a natural step in your evolutionary journey, don’t be afraid to take it.

When it comes to success, most of us have experienced a life time of conditioning that ‘hard work always pays off.’ We’ve also been continually encouraged to do it faster, do it better and to expect immediate results. Much of my work in embracing a natural and holistic model of healing has been to help myself and others ‘un-condition’ ourselves to embrace the reality that for most of us, true healing takes time and the un-doing of many years of bad habits. We’ve also had to learn to abandon that insistent demand for a ‘quick-fix’ and to ignore the temptation to simply suppress symptoms and emotions and ‘push through’ or ‘get on with it.’ We’ve had to re-learn how to embrace the ‘journey’ and be patient.

Finding Your Inner Compass

I’d Follow My Heart…If Only I Knew Where It Was Going.

Follow your Heart! Do what makes you Happy!

It sounds so easy doesn’t it? Nearly all self-help advice is founded on this premise and for good reason – it is a simple and common-sense approach to wellbeing. We all KNOW deep within us that we are here to find contentment and meaning in our lives. Yet this simple advice to follow your Heart and do what makes you happy can become altogether annoying and frustrating when you have NO CLUE where your Heart is headed and NO IDEA what makes you happy. How do you follow your bliss if your Inner Compass seems to be broken?

Tantrum Therapy

Allowing Negative Attitudes and Feelings to Happen

Positive thinking, it can really screw you over. When you’re in the middle of a meltdown how do you feel when someone tries to persuade you to look at the positive or to be positive? Do you thank them and say ‘yes you’re right, how silly of me, let’s chant an affirmation’? NO - you want to tell them to shut the $#@% up and shove their positivity where the sun definitely isn’t shining…

Get in the Zone

Ever try to over-compensate for an extreme behaviour by adopting another extreme behaviour? The 'Pendulum Swing' can play a useful role in helping you change, sometimes you need to 'go wild' to break out of your rut. But what if you don't enjoy wild rides? And what if you're just really STUCK.

A worksheet to help you break down your resistances and extreme behaviours to find the middle ground.

Can You Make A Compassionate Correction?

Overcome the Fear of ‘Wrong’ to Grow and Evolve

Recently I was telling a lovely friend about the time I met Oprah and I was reminded of a few things. Woahh…back up, did I just say that? Sorry to name-drop so casually, but yes, it’s true, I have met Oprah (if you’d like to know the full story, call in for a cup of tea some time). One of the things I remember about Oprah (now we’re both just too busy to catch up so regularly) was the aura of complete peace that surrounded her. I remember thinking ‘blimey, this woman has done some work on herself.’

What is the Point of Pressure?

How to Escape a Self-Made Pressure Cooker

What is the point of pressure? I pondered this as my recent holiday came to an end. I’d spent a week living on the beach, exploring places of natural beauty and enjoying a freedom-fueling road trip. Driving through lush rain-forests and along coastal roads, I felt a sense of freedom and expansiveness. But as I reached the outskirts of the city, getting closer to home, I felt my energy change – my body began to feel heavy and tired, it was almost as if I could feel this sense of freedom coming to an end. My body was literally sensing that I wasn’t in freedom-loving territory anymore. I was coming back to routine, responsibilities, work and commitments, it was the sensation of…pressure. 

Do You Escape to the Future?

The Gift and Power of Feeling in the Present

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere. Touted as the new-age solution to all of our problems, the messages to be ‘mindful’ and ‘in the present’ are liberally plastered across all forms of social media, self-help blogs, magazine and books. But what does it even mean to be ‘in the present’ or ‘mindful’?

The other day a lovely client was telling me about how she had invested in a Mandala Colouring book. She was busily colouring away when her husband walked in to the room and asked her what the hell she was doing in that typically direct and judgemental tone that husbands seem to have. While she wanted to reply that she was ‘mindfully colouring’ in order to relieve worry and stress, achieve blissful levels of inner peace and present-moment nirvana, she felt the pang of a panicked reality check as she looked down at her pencils, it was a good question – what was she actually doing? And why? Was she mindfully colouring or colouring mindlessly?

Hearing Yourself is Healing Yourself

The Simplicity of Listening to Your Body

By the time something has manifested as an ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ in your life it has already had an interesting life span. It has enjoyed life as a thought, an intuition, a gut feeling, a gentle nudge or a quiet whisper. How many times have you had an inkling about something that turned into a fully blown problem? When you just knew something was going to go pear-shaped. In fact, if you step back from any problem that you have right now, you might find that this problem has only become a problem because you didn’t listen. To yourself. The quiet whisper that originates with your Heart (your wiser, all knowing self) and is delivered by your body in the form of a ‘gut feeling’, emotion or symptom, is unfortunately something that you have been almost trained to dismiss, ignore or override.