Mind-Body Connection

Finding Your Inner Compass

I’d Follow My Heart…If Only I Knew Where It Was Going.

Follow your Heart! Do what makes you Happy!

It sounds so easy doesn’t it? Nearly all self-help advice is founded on this premise and for good reason – it is a simple and common-sense approach to wellbeing. We all KNOW deep within us that we are here to find contentment and meaning in our lives. Yet this simple advice to follow your Heart and do what makes you happy can become altogether annoying and frustrating when you have NO CLUE where your Heart is headed and NO IDEA what makes you happy. How do you follow your bliss if your Inner Compass seems to be broken?

Tantrum Therapy

Allowing Negative Attitudes and Feelings to Happen

Positive thinking, it can really screw you over. When you’re in the middle of a meltdown how do you feel when someone tries to persuade you to look at the positive or to be positive? Do you thank them and say ‘yes you’re right, how silly of me, let’s chant an affirmation’? NO - you want to tell them to shut the $#@% up and shove their positivity where the sun definitely isn’t shining…

Hearing Yourself is Healing Yourself

The Simplicity of Listening to Your Body

By the time something has manifested as an ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ in your life it has already had an interesting life span. It has enjoyed life as a thought, an intuition, a gut feeling, a gentle nudge or a quiet whisper. How many times have you had an inkling about something that turned into a fully blown problem? When you just knew something was going to go pear-shaped. In fact, if you step back from any problem that you have right now, you might find that this problem has only become a problem because you didn’t listen. To yourself. The quiet whisper that originates with your Heart (your wiser, all knowing self) and is delivered by your body in the form of a ‘gut feeling’, emotion or symptom, is unfortunately something that you have been almost trained to dismiss, ignore or override.