Emotions and Meridians


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians aredefined as the channels in which energy (Chi) flows to nourish the functionsand organs of the body. The flow of Chi is fundamental to our state ofwellbeing and any form of physiological or emotional disharmony is thought tobe caused by blockages or disruptions in energy flow along the meridians. In forms of healing based on this philosophy, such as acupuncture, the goal isto correct the energy blockage or disruption and restore the energy flow along the meridians.


 Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor and founder ofApplied Kinesiology, discovered the relationship between the meridians andthe major muscles of the body. He found that correcting the performance of amuscle would also restore the energy flow along the meridian associated withthat muscle. 

Dr. John Diamond, a world renowned holistic healer, spent over 35 years building on Goodheart’s work and developing the Acupuncture Emotional System (AES) which links each of the twelve meridians with an emotional state. According to Diamond, illness always begins at energy level. A stress (mental or physical) will trigger a reaction or particular emotional state. This emotional state causes a reduction or imbalance in energy in a particular meridian. If this emotional state persists it will eventually lead to a disease or illness in the associated meridian/organ.

For example, Diamond (along with many other psychologists and cardiologists) found through many years of experience that most cardiac patients have great difficulty dealing with anger. The emotion of anger creates a negative energy imbalance in the heart meridian. While this underlying emotion of anger persists, it also continues to disrupt the energy flow in the heartmeridian and over a long period of time develops into cardiac disease. Now, this does not mean that every angry person is likely to suffer heart disease, but Diamond’s studies show that most people with heart disease have experienced an imbalance in the heart meridian related to anger.


It is also important to note that the emotional states or attitudes which cause energetic imbalances are often unconscious – that is, we don’t even know we are experiencing them. This is simply because we repress negative emotions which we find troubling or which we feel that we cannot deal with at a particular time.

While it might be scary to realise the extent to which your negative emotional states are stemming your energy flow and creating the potential for illness, it needn’t be. This is because the way to reverse illness or restore energy is quite simple. Using Kinesiology muscle testing Diamond demonstrated that a weak muscle for the heart meridian caused by a negative emotion can be reversed simply by introducing an opposing, positive attitude. For example, a heart meridian imbalance will be shown by a muscle that tests weak to the statement “I am angry”. Simply stating “I forgive” and focusing on feelings of forgiveness, will cause the muscle to become strong, indicating that energy to the heart meridian is restored. Yet again proving that a positive attitude is vital to our health and wellbeing.  

The Main Emotions Related to Each Meridian:

Source: John Diamond, MD. Life Energy.1985

Source: John Diamond, MD. Life Energy.1985